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Culture matters: International Research Collaboration

Shortly after hosting an engaging and timely “Workshop on Examining Core Elements of International Research Collaboration” in July 2010, members of an active working group convened by the National Academies and its Government‐ University‐Industry Research Roundtable (GUIRR) agreed that there was more exploration to be done around the notion of culture and research. More specifically, the group, which goes by the moniker “I‐Group,” began to question aloud how culture and…

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Journals & Science conference wrap-up

nSCI’s November 15, 2013 Journals & Science conference attracted around 130 delegates from across the country. This all-day event focused on exploring the communication pathways between science, the press and the public—the current processes, challenges, impacts, and areas in need of improvement. The proceedings of this event are provided below. A pdf version of the full program is available by clicking this button: Program Introduction SummaryAgendaKeynoteHistory HOW TO REBUILD TRUST…

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CCS Summer Institute 2012

Goals The Summer Institute is intended primarily for university administrators and faculty members who want to move their own institutions toward a greater focus communicating science to the public. Its primary goals are to share the Center for Communicating Science’s experiences, techniques, materials, and lessons learned, to help inspire and facilitate efforts by others; to learn from others who are active or interested in this field, and to begin building…

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Santa Fe Science Writing Workshop

Applications are currently being accepted for the 16th annual Santa Fe Science Writing Workshop, which will begin on Monday evening, May 30 (Memorial Day), 2011, and run through Saturday morning, June 4, in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico. The workshop is directed by: Sandra Blakeslee, a New York Times science writer and co-author of The Body Has a Mind of its Own (with Matthew Blakeslee), Sleights of Mind: What the…

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