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Is University Research Missing What Matters Most?

School of Public Health Dean Sandro Galea issued a call for a change in research priorities—away from narrow, piecemeal inquiries, towards large-scale efforts to improve population health—in the January 24 edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education. In a Chronicle issue headlined, “Is University Research Missing What Matters?” Galea is a leading voice urging a revamping of the structures that support university science in order to tackle the most pressing…

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The University Experiment

What is a university? To Shelby Foote, the US novelist and Civil War historian, it was merely “a group of buildings gathered around a library”. To generations of students, it provided the best times of their lives. To many Nature readers, it is an employer. For Nature itself, many are customers. A university, to linguists, is a derivation of a Latin description of a community of teachers and scholars. For…

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Universities seek to boost industry partnerships

Source: MoneyTree Report (PwC, NVCA) When Matthew Shair discovered a protein involved in causing blood cancer — and a small molecule that might disrupt that protein — he saw the makings of a new drug. Facing years of costly work to prove its worth, Shair, a chemist at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, did not seek funding from the usual sources, pharmaceutical companies and venture-capital firms. Instead, in 2012, he…

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Why science is broken (and how to fix it)

Are today’s universities ill-equipped to succeed at science innovation, communication, and technology transfer? In this September 1, 2011 opinion piece written for by former UNC professor Morgan Giddings, there may be lots of room for improvement. Click here to read more.…

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