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New study casts doubt on study that casted doubt

In 2015, a widely publicized report by the Center for Open Science claimed that dozens of psychology studies from a sample of 100 were unsound. A new report has challenged these findings, claiming that nearly all of the studies examined by COS were acceptable and that the COS study itself was statistically flawed. According to the New York Times, “One issue the critique raised was how faithfully the replication team…

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Scientists losing data at a rapid rate

In their parents’ attic, in boxes in the garage, or stored on now-defunct floppy disks — these are just some of the inaccessible places in which scientists have admitted to keeping their old research data. Such practices mean that data are being lost to science at a rapid rate, a study has now found. The authors of the study, which is published today in Current Biology1, looked for the data…

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A new standard for policy-relevant science?

The increasing concern about unreliability in scientific literature1, 2 is a problem for people like me — I am the science adviser to DEFRA, the UK government department for environment, food and rural affairs. To counsel politicians, I must recognize systematic bias in research. Bias is cryptic enough in individual studies, let alone in whole bodies of literature that contain important inaccuracies2, 3. It worries me that because of bias,…

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Organizing science: A closer (albeit ancient) look at the field of cognitive psychology

In a recent blog post I promised to dust off an old informatics diagram I developed eons ago. nSCI is asking informatics fans around the country to send in their ideas, so here’s an example. First, let me offer my apologies: This is old, pre-computer era work so some of you out there will recognize the look of papers that were cut and pasted together and graphics that were drawn…

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