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Points of No Return

AP/NASA photo Recently two research teams, working independently and using different methods, reached an alarming conclusion: The West Antarctic ice sheet is doomed. The sheet’s slide into the ocean, and the resulting sharp rise in sea levels, will probably happen slowly. But it’s irreversible. Even if we took drastic action to limit global warming right now, this particular process of environmental change has reached a point of no return. Meanwhile,…

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Are conservatives less likely to trust science?

Image from Salon.com Is your political point of view related to how you view science? Perhaps. A recent study by Gordon Gauchat at the University of North Carolina’s Sheps Center for Health Services Research suggests that conservatives have steadily lost their faith in science over the last 36 years. Chris Mooney’s The Republican Brain, and The Republican War on Science also explore this and related issues. This is an interesting…

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