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Short-term loss, long-term gain for climate change?

Image by AndyHogan14 There’s been a lot of anxiety in climate change circles after Tuesday’s election ushered in a Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate. The Wednesday morning headlines were dire, including this one from Vox: “The biggest loser in this election is the climate.” On its face, I agree. The chances of bold climate action within the next two years took a big hit Tuesday. Coupled with the latest…

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At House Science Panel Hearing, Sarcasm Rules

It was supposed to be a chance for legislators to discuss the Obama administration’s 2015 federal budget with presidential science adviser John Holdren. But sarcasm and political trash-talking overrode serious debate at Wednesday’s hearing of the House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. Even in a Congress noted for its polarization and lack of comity, members of the panel seemed more interested in name-calling than numbers. As a…

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US Science Laureate bill derailed

You may not be aware of it, but the US has an official poet. Named by the Librarian of Congress, the Poet Laureate is meant to increase the public’s appreciation of poetry and the arts in general. Inspired by this example, a bipartisan group of Representatives introduced a bill that would create a Science Laureate to indicate to the US public the value placed on science. Unfortunately, that plan has…

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Are conservatives less likely to trust science?

Image from Salon.com Is your political point of view related to how you view science? Perhaps. A recent study by Gordon Gauchat at the University of North Carolina’s Sheps Center for Health Services Research suggests that conservatives have steadily lost their faith in science over the last 36 years. Chris Mooney’s The Republican Brain, and The Republican War on Science also explore this and related issues. This is an interesting…

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