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Opening the entire research cycle

Since the birth of the open access movement in 2002, demands for greater openness and transparency in the research process have both grown and broadened. Today there are calls not just for OA to research papers, but (amongst other things) to the underlying data, to peer review reports, and to lab notebooks. We have also seen a new term emerge to encompass these different trends: open science. In response to…

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Open Science Initiative issues new paper, recommendations

In early September of 2014, nSCI recruited and organized over 100 thought-leaders from around the world into a three month long online conversation—named the Open Science Initiative (OSI) working group—to begin looking into viable ways to reform the scholarly publishing system. The outcome of this conversation will be a working paper (the most recent version is linked here) which summarizes the many important facts and perspectives that were discussed on…

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Open Science Initiative conversations wrap up

nSCI’s Open Science Initiative conversation between many of the thought-leaders in academic publishing and open access is wrapping up this week, and recommendations of this working group are being prepared for circulation next week to a wider circle of stakeholders. A summary of the group’s conversation and recommendations is posted online at www.nationalscience.org/projects/osi. This was a revealing conversation. Differences of perspective clearly exist between proponents of publishing reform, and basic…

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White House Honors “Champions of Change” in Open Science, Citizen Science

The White House Champions of Change program highlights the work of individuals, businesses, and organizations whose accomplishments have positively impacted our communities. On June 25th, the White House honored leaders and innovators in citizen science. Awards went to [quoting from the White House website]: Margaret Gordon Co-founder and co-director of the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project (EIP), a non-profit that works with neighborhood organizations, physicians, researchers, and public officials to…

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The future of publishing

After nearly 400 years in the slow-moving world of print, the scientific publishing industry is suddenly being thrust into a fast-paced online world of cloud computing, crowd sourcing and ubiquitous sharing. Long-established practices are being challenged by new ones – most notably, the open-access, author-pays publishing model. In this special issue, Nature takes a close look at the forces now at work in scientific publishing, and how they may play…

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See you at the annual Open Science Summit!

It’s still happening.  Science – the search for answers to a universe of questions – is still changing.  Beneath our feet, above our heads, in the air we breathe, there are questions left unanswered about how we as scientists – as investigators and explorers – should continue on our quest for answers about our world and everything in it (especially ourselves).  As scientists of the 21st century, we have tremendous…

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