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Open Science Initiative issues new paper, recommendations

In early September of 2014, nSCI recruited and organized over 100 thought-leaders from around the world into a three month long online conversation—named the Open Science Initiative (OSI) working group—to begin looking into viable ways to reform the scholarly publishing system. The outcome of this conversation will be a working paper (the most recent version is linked here) which summarizes the many important facts and perspectives that were discussed on…

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Are hybrid journals double dipping?

For the past several decades the research community has been bedevilled with the so-called serials crisis, the phenomenon by which the cost of scholarly journals continues to rise at an unsustainable rate. One of the most significant responses to this affordability problem was the open access (OA) movement, which in 2002 coalesced around the Budapest Open Access Initiative. Open access publishing, OA advocates have always argued, will be cheaper, and…

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Does the Creative Commons license need clarifying?

Yahoo!, owners of the photo sharing site Flickr, recently caused a storm of controversy by announcing plans to sell prints of photos that users had uploaded. Yahoo!’s plans included sharing 51% of revenue with users who had retained copyright on their photos. For those who voluntarily selected a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY) for their works, no compensation was offered. Despite the fact that Yahoo! was explicitly following the…

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Open Science Initiative conversations wrap up

nSCI’s Open Science Initiative conversation between many of the thought-leaders in academic publishing and open access is wrapping up this week, and recommendations of this working group are being prepared for circulation next week to a wider circle of stakeholders. A summary of the group’s conversation and recommendations is posted online at www.nationalscience.org/projects/osi. This was a revealing conversation. Differences of perspective clearly exist between proponents of publishing reform, and basic…

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Open Science Initiative looks to improve open access

The open access movement is at a crossroads. Once embraced as the future of open and accessible academic publishing, it has become increasingly apparently that as it is currently structured, open access has problems that need to be addressed. What are these issues and what are the possible solutions? If we were to backtrack all the way to square one (not that we should, but as a exercise in reviewing…

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Nature Communications to become open access only

Nature Communications is to become the first Nature-branded open access only journal. The number one open access journal in multidisciplinary sciences*, Nature Communications is Nature Publishing Group’s (NPG) flagship open access title. Nature Communications will only accept open access research submissions from 20th October 2014. Nature Communications ranks as the number three multidisciplinary journal in the world behind Nature and Science*. The title was launched in 2010 as a born-digital…

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New report from NISO on state of open access

It’s a pleasure to be introduce this issue of Information Standards Quarterly on Open Access Infrastructure. When we were considering this issue, we were very aware that we didn’t want to revisit previous arguments about open access (OA), but rather take as our starting point the fact that 2013 seemed to have been a watershed for open access. Driven by a number of policy announcements from funding bodies and governments…

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