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Has “publish or perish” become “publicize or perish”?

At the recent STM Innovations meeting, a number of new initiatives were discussed along a similar theme — promoting the works of authors, essentially marketing their papers to drive citations, public awareness, and chances for academic recognition. While one aspect of these networks is a basic narcissism (my profile with my picture about my papers and my data promoting my career), another aspect is that in an increasingly crowded publishing…

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Stem Cell Treatments Overtake Science

TIJUANA, Mexico — Maggie Alejos arrived here in June from St. Anne, Ill., with her husband, her daughter and a cashier’s check for $13,500, payable to the Regenerative Medicine Institute. Rail-thin, with an oxygen tube anchored above her upper lip, Ms. Alejos, a retired Army nurse, has coped with emphysema for a dozen of her 65 years. Once she came close enough to a lung transplant that doctors prepared her…

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The Journal of Monosyllabic Science

Scientists should communicate more clearly. Right? Or is it really this simple? After all, complex writing isn’t just a problem in science. We live in a complex society. Our niche cultures all have languages of their own. Auto mechanics, running, healthcare, food, user guides— every niche speaks in a unique tone with a unique vocabulary, and this uniqueness is cultivated and nourished by marketing and communication specialists who are experts…

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nSCI White Paper 1: Science Communication Today

First draft, April 2012. Copyright © 2012 National Science Communication Institute. Written by Glenn Hampson. Edited by Nissim Ezekiel, Ricardo Gomez, and Michael Hampson. Cover photo of Vancouver’s Science World by Bruce Irschick. Some rights reserved. Download pdf version: Science Communication Today Nearly every aspect of our lives today is infused with science and technology — from health care to finance to entertainment, from the food we eat to the…

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Alternative funding: Sponsor my science

As public funding for research dwindles, scientists are increasingly seeking private benefactors. But they have a lot to learn if they are to win trust and money: how to schmooze contacts, promote their science and deliver results to deadline — all without over-promising on the work. Much of this does not come naturally to scientists. Click here to read more from this January 18, 2012 Nature article by Heidi Ledford.…

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Social Media Marketing 2011

Join leading social media experts for Social Media Marketing & Monitoring 2011, a one-day event in New York City on October 12th sponsored by Our Social Times. Details & registration oursocialtimes.com/socialmediamarketingnewyork Topics include: Social Commerce – Innovative sales tools & techniques Location Marketing – Case studies & mobile apps Social Search – What it means & how to use it Social Media Monitoring – How to monitor & measure ROI…

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Marketing means exaggerating, right?

No. Marketing communications (also known as marcom) covers everything from writing press releases to building websites, designing logos, and more. Out-and-out advertising is where the slope starts to get slippery—the buy 1, get 1 free kind of stuff. Done right, marketing just means reaching out to your audience—getting them to come to an upcoming event, announcing an important finding, and putting the right public face on your work—in short, helping…

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Mobile Marketing Association 2011 Meeting

The Mobile Marketing Association hosts a number of forums around the world every year. Their upcoming June 16-17 forum in New York is the leading industry event for mobile marketers, agencies, publishers, application solution providers, carriers and others. This forum may be over-the-top for most in science marketing, but certainly not for those engaged in trying to reach people where they live—on their mobile devices. This event is particularly relevant…

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