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CC BY and Its Discontents

Recently I attended the conference of a major learned society in the humanities. I was only there for a day, and attended only two sessions: one as a panelist and the other as an observer. Both sessions dealt with issues related to Open Access (OA), and in both of them I was deeply taken aback by the degree to which the scholars in attendance—not universally, but by an overwhelming majority—expressed…

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Does the Creative Commons license need clarifying?

Yahoo!, owners of the photo sharing site Flickr, recently caused a storm of controversy by announcing plans to sell prints of photos that users had uploaded. Yahoo!’s plans included sharing 51% of revenue with users who had retained copyright on their photos. For those who voluntarily selected a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY) for their works, no compensation was offered. Despite the fact that Yahoo! was explicitly following the…

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CC-BY, Copyright, and Stolen Advocacy

Source: http://www.agilegeoscience.com In a recent New York Times story, journalist Denver David Robinson tells about how, while working in Uganda for a nonprofit organization, he did a photojournalism project for the Advocate magazine. His project helped “a dozen members of the (LGBTQ) community (tell) their stories, most for the first time.” The essay was published both online and in the Advocate‘s February-March 2013 print issue. One year later, Uganda’s president…

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License restrictions: A fool’s errand

Copyright licensing is a topic usually left to law review articles, or obscure terms of service on websites, or agreements between publishers and libraries. But it is an essential element of the move towards open access — the free, immediate online availability of scholarly articles coupled with the right to use them fully in the digital environment. An article that is free to read is not necessarily open for all…

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