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Creating knowledge

Every scholar is part wizard, part muggle. As wizards, scholars are lone geniuses in search of original insight. They question everything. They ignore conventional wisdom and tradition. They experiment. As muggles, scholars are subject to the normal rules of power and influence. They are limited by common sense and group think. They are ambitious. They promote and market their ideas. They have the perfect elevator pitch ready for every potential…

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EU science chief on challenges of making good science policy

EU chief science adviser Anne Glover. Image © EU. “Any specialist tends to be hampered a little in their own professional language and scientists may have a reputation of not communicating well because we talk in a technical way, but the same could be said about policy-makers, economists or social scientists”, observes Glover. “Sometimes we beat ourselves up a little too much for not being able to communicate, but I…

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Proceedings from 2013 British scicomm conference

The British Science Association has posted the proceedings from its 2013 science communication conference. Click here to the source version of this list. Reports Conference ebook Conference report Podcast Listen to the 2013 podcast, hosted by Louise Ogden, Web Editor, British Science Association. Podcast Powered By Podbean  Blog posts “Challenge, don’t worship, the chiefs and high priestesses of science” – Alice Bell, Guardian “Science communicators do it for the public”…

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F1000 to publish scicomm papers for free

Being a scientist is about more than just research alone: there is publishing involved, teaching and outreach, and keeping on top of new developments in policy and data sharing issues. All these are themselves areas for study and analysis. For example, we’ve previously published papers about implementing journal clubs or about the accuracy of Google search results in medical diagnosis. The study and documentation of such areas of science communication…

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Building a Metro for Science Communication

“Doors Closing. Please stand clear of the doors.” For anyone who lives, or has spent time in Washington, D.C., you recognize this as the announcement just before the Metro pulls away from the station. The Metro is one of the things I miss most about living in Washington, D.C. Even in a commuter-friendly place like Portland (which I now call home), the bike lanes and MAX simply can’t move as…

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Why some scientists communicate better than others

As more attention is paid important role of communication between scientists and society, evaluations of how and why that communication occurs are becoming ever more complex in detailed. In his recent research paper (“Toward a Model of Scientists’ Public Communication Activity: The Case of Biomedical Researchers,”), Dr. Anthony Dudo, an associate professor in the Advertising and Public Relations Department at the University of Texas Austin, delves deeply into the “why”…

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The Science of Science Communication II

Climate change. . . evolution . . . the obesity crisis . . . nanotechnology: These are but a few of the scientific topics dominating the world stage today. Yet discourse surrounding these and other science-based issues is often overwhelmed by controversy and conflicting perceptions, hampering understanding and action. The continuing challenges facing scientists, professional communicators, and the interested public as they seek to exchange information about science has resulted…

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Firebrand for Science, and Big Man on Campus

AMES, Iowa — As the car pulled into the parking lot of a Starbucks, William Sanford Nye unknotted his trademark bow tie and slipped it off. “This might buy us a couple of minutes,” he said. Roughly two minutes later, before his drink was ready, he was recognized anyway. Two awed young women approached to ask if he was really Bill Nye the Science Guy. Like more than a dozen…

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