How many leading scientists and science communication professionals have we heard from? Lots. And they all think nSCI is a great idea. Okay–well, we don’t know that for a fact, but many have taken the time to wish us well and tell us that this effort is on the mark. Here are a few excerpts from the emails we’ve received so far:

“I think what you are doing is an excellent idea.” — LH, Arizona

“…many distinct pockets of information are available to scientists and health care providers, but there is still a lack of platform/tools to integrate these data and translate this knowledge into meaningful solutions.” — IM, Seattle

“Fostering better communication about science is certainly a worthy and needed project. What an inspired idea…” — MH, Richmond

“I do understand the importance of communicating the power of discovery and wish you success in your efforts.” — MS, Cambridge

“This seems like a really interesting idea — certainly something that I have heard being talked about as academia is seen as increasingly unable to speak the same language as practice.” — JP, Michigan

“What you’re doing sounds exciting!” — HS, New York

“You are definitely tackling areas of great interest…” — SF, Seattle

“I certainly share your desire to help advance the cause of science through more effective communications.” — JR, New York

“This sounds really awesome and I am very interested!” — KF, Seattle

“I very much believe that scientists need a communication plan — and I would be the first to benefit from this.” — GC, Portland

“This organization sounds like a pretty interesting development, with a very worthy goal.” — RG, Washington

“The NSCI sounds like an interesting initiative and I wish you the best of luck going forward.” — DL, Washington

“…a very interesting angle on science to be sure” — JW, Seattle

“The goals of your effort seem very worthwhile, and timely.” — RP, Seattle

Does science communication need to improve? Let us know what you think. You can send your comments to testimonials@nationalscience.org.

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