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    As you can see from our “related groups” page, there are a number of others who work in our same science communication space. Some of these groups focus on improving the ability of scientists to speak to the media; others focus on breaking down the barriers to research collaboration, and still others excel at bringing science directly to the public or engaging groups of citizen scientists. We all share the same broad goals. But to-date, we haven’t all worked together as a group. nSCI is coordinating a global effort to bring together these groups in some yet-to-be defined capacity (including university-based research centers who share our mission) so that we can share ideas and ideally even collaborate on select projects—tbd. Want to join the conversation? Just click the button below to send us an email!

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    Eric Olson

    Eric Olson

    Project director

    Eric Olson lives in northern Virginia where he works as a science communication specialist. He earned his master’s in communication at Virginia Tech and a graduate certificate in science communication from George Mason University.

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