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Barriers to commercialization

The barriers to commercializing research from academic institutions are well-documented. In a recent study by Nathan Vanderford, Todd Weiss, and Heidi Weiss—appearing in PLOS One—the barriers to commercializing cancer research in the UK were examined in more detail.

The first research question in this study was the following: What are the general barriers inhibiting cancer research commercialization at UK? To address this question, respondents were asked to score how important potential barriers are to inhibiting cancer research commercialization at UK. As shown in Figure 1A, expense (65%), time (59%), infrastructure (55%), and lack of industry partners (46%) were the most frequently chosen barriers that faculty felt inhibited their ability to commercialize their research. The Fisher’s exact test was utilized to measure potential association between the barriers and faculty’s engagement in the commercialization continuum via the attempt to commercialize their research (Table S4). Figure 1B shows that university policies/procedures (58% agree versus 31% not agree), lack of industry partnerships (54% agree versus 28% not agree), expense (53% agree versus 17% not agree), and time (51% agree versus 25% not agree) are significantly associated with faculty not attempting to commercialize their research. Also of note, not being aware how to commercialize (18% agree versus 50% not agree), limited research application (17% agree versus 51% not agree), and having no interest in commercializing (9% agree versus 45% not agree) do not – to a significant level – inhibit the respondents from attempting to commercialize their research.




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