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IPCC’s outdated climate change communication won’t cut it

Presentation Of IPCC Climate ReportFor almost 25 years, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released regular assessment reports warning the world of the dangers of climate change. The scientific knowledge that has been accumulated over this time is astonishing in its breadth and scope.

Compiling, collating and synthesising publications from dozens of scientific disciplines, and distilling this into a format that policymakers from across the globe can use as the basis of their national policies on climate change is a phenomenal, painstaking and noble undertaking.

But from the perspective of catalysing a proportionate political and public response to climate change, the reports have had limited impact.

Despite all the rebuttals of sceptics’ arguments, and the “myth busting”, public opinion is no further advanced than it was when the IPCC first started producing its reports. In the UK, where policymakers have accepted the IPCC’s conclusions and recommendations for more than a decade, public engagement with climate change has regressed since the mid-2000s and the political consensus has begun to unravel.

Click here to read more from this May 14, 2014 Guardian article by Adam Corner.

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