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The humanities of science communication

comedy-clubIt’s a surreal feeling to be bothered by things that are completely reasonable. In recent months I’ve been part of many conversations about how to engage people with science. Every time the science of science communication comes up, and every time I feel like something is off.

There’s a big push now to understand what’s known, in formal studies, about how to communicate science. The idea is that, as people who believe in science, we should use research to guide our activities. There have been fascinating findings, such as the fact that in some emotionally or culturally charged situations exposure to more information can *increase* polarization, not decrease it as one would assume. As a result, presenting facts alone won’t, say, increase acceptance of evolution. Instead other, more emotional approaches are needed, and if your goal is to increase that acceptance, it’s worth learning about them. That makes perfect sense, and there’s no reason that discussion of it should leave me feeling uneasy, but it does.

Click here to read more from this March 7, 2014 blog post by Ben Lillie.

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