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Climate change report haiku makes report readable

full_16_water_meets_air-563x420There’s little lyrical language to be found in the international report on climate change issued earlier this year. The document from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) runs to 2,200 pages and is crammed with technical details about greenhouse-gas emissions, rising sea levels and atmospheric circulation.

Seattle oceanographer Gregory Johnson was a lead author of the chapter on marine measurements, and even he was having a hard time wrapping his head around the massive compilation. So when a bad cold kept him in the house one weekend, Johnson decided to distill the report to its essence via a centuries-old Japanese art form: haiku.

The result is a virtual booklet that is riding a wave of celebrity on the Web and in the Twittersphere.

“I was surprised that as many people responded as positively as they did,” said Johnson. “It’s been tweeted a thousand times, or something.”

Click here to read more from this January 12, 2014 Seattle Times article by Sandi Doughton.

Click here to read the December 16, 2013 report on Sightline Daily

  • Presentation: All slides, full size (PDF)
  • Print-out: All slides, 6 per page (PDF)
  • Booklet: Slides arranged with instructions to cut and fold into a booklet (PDF)
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