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Are we entering the Anthropocene era?

Have we left the Holocene era behind and entered an Anthropocene era—a post-Holocene geological age of our own making marked by man-made environmental toxins like plastics and carbon isotopes from nuclear detonations? Some scientists think so. “Taking full ownership of the Anthropocene won’t be easy,” writes Andrew Revkin. “The necessary feeling is a queasy mix of excitement and unease. I’ve compared it to waking up in the first car on the first run of a new roller coaster that hasn’t been examined fully by engineers.”

“Fully integrating this awareness into our personal choices and societal norms and policies will take time….Technology alone will not do the trick. Another keystone to better meshing humanity’s infinite aspirations with life on a finite planet will be slowly shifting value systems from the foundation up, not through some Beltway debate.”

Click here to read more from Revkin’s January 15, 2014 New York Time article.

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