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Book Review: ‘Ending Medical Reversal’ Laments Flip-Flopping

“Ending Medical Reversal” is a subtly subversive book in need of a considerably snappier title. “OOPS!” perhaps, or “Are You Kidding Me?”

This last was the reaction of a diabetic patient described by the authors who, after years spent dutifully following the most spartan of diets in order to keep his blood sugar in check, just learned he needn’t have bothered. The goal his doctor (and doctors everywhere) were routinely setting for their patients had just been proven by a new study to be far too stringent.

All that broiled fish, all those unbuttered green beans, all that willpower, all for nothing. Oops. (Read an excerpt.)

This kind of medical whiplash is increasingly common and every bit as scary and damaging as the physical kind. What was good for you yesterday is useless or even bad for you today (and may be good for you again tomorrow; who knows). Medical gospel is rewritten daily on the evening news.

Click here to read more from this October 30, 2015 New York Times article by Abigail Zuger.

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