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Moral courage and science

Marc Edwards, the scientist who helped expose the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, says that the systems built to support scientists do not reward moral courage and that the university pipeline contains toxins of its own — which, if ignored, will corrode public faith in science. When is it appropriate for academics to be skeptical of an official narrative when that narrative is coming from scientific authorities? “I grew up worshiping at the altar of science,” says Dr. Edwards, “and in my wildest dreams I never thought scientists would behave this way,” which is to say, not questioning the government’s continued reassurances that the water in Flint was safe. The only way I can construct a worldview that accommodates this is to say, these people are unscientific. Science should be about pursuing the truth and helping people. If you’re doing it for any other reason, you really ought to question your motives.”

Click here to read more from this February 2, 2016 article in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

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