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ClinicalTrials.gov not living up to promise

Clinical researchers in the US are required to register trials and deposit trial information at ClinicalTrials.gov. Most, however, don’t. According to several recent study, compliance with this law may be somewhere between around 13 and 22 percent. Which is to say that of the 13, 327 clinical trials conducted between 2008 and 2013, only 1,790 were filed on  ClinicalTrials.gov, leaving 11,537 unreported. Says author Kent Anderson in this March 3, 2016 Scholarly Kitchen article, “How many patients these trials represent isn’t clear, but given that many of these trials were Phase 2 or later, it seems safe to assume that at least 250 patients were involved in each trial on average (this is probably a conservative estimate). That would mean that more than 2.5 million patients participated in unregistered trials. That’s a lot of patients put at risk and a lot of science that’s going undocumented.”

What’s going on here?

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