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Research Scientists to Use Network Much Faster Than Internet

TitanA series of ultra-high-speed fiber-optic cables will weave a cluster of West Coast university laboratories and supercomputer centers into a network called the Pacific Research Platform as part of a five-year $5 million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation.

The network is meant to keep pace with the vast acceleration of data collection in fields such as physics, astronomy and genetics. It will not be directly connected to the Internet, but will make it possible to move data at speeds of 10 gigabits to 100 gigabits among 10 University of California campuses and 10 other universities and research institutions in several states, tens or hundreds of times faster than is typical now.

Click here to read more from this July 31, 2015 New York Times article by John Markoff.

Editorial note: While this effort was announced earlier in the year, it was just this past week that President Obama signed the executive order establishing the creation of the agency (unfortunately named NSCI, for the National Super Computing Initiative) tasked with creating the exascale computing system that will be at the backbone of the Pacific Research Platform.

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