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Open Science Initiative conversations wrap up

nSCI’s Open Science Initiative conversation between many of the thought-leaders in academic publishing and open access is wrapping up this week, and recommendations of this working group are being prepared for circulation next week to a wider circle of stakeholders. A summary of the group’s conversation and recommendations is posted online at www.nationalscience.org/projects/osi.

This was a revealing conversation. Differences of perspective clearly exist between proponents of publishing reform, and basic questions need to be answered before large-scale sustainable progress can be realized. To this end, the main recommendation of this group is that annual meetings involving all key stakeholders should be held for the next several years (beginning in 2015) to discuss what can be done to improve academic publishing, develop and adopt recommendations and implementation plans and timelines, follow up on the impacts and shortcomings of reform efforts, and to continue to iterate additional improvements as the publishing landscape evolves. This recommendation, along with a summary of findings, will be circulated to stakeholders around the world for comment and revision before being formalized. Stakeholder groups include publishers, research institutions, libraries, private and government funding agencies, public interest and advocacy groups, and more.

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