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NOAA, NASA unveil climate.data.gov

climatedataIn this new and pilot-stage of Climate.Data.gov, you will find resources to help companies, communities, and citizens understand and prepare for the impacts of coastal flooding and sea level rise. Over time, this community will expand to include more datasets, web services, and tools; it will also cover other themes such as the vulnerability of the food supply and the threats to human health from climate change.

If you are a data innovator, check out the data catalog to browse relevant datasets. If you are looking for a streamlined list, the resources page will direct you to featured datasets and services on coastal vulnerability.

If you are a community planner looking for information to help you plan for coastal flooding and sea level rise, please review our list of tools, which will grow over time as more people use these data resources to create applications and discover great insights.

If you are a problem-solver or entrepreneur who wants to take on a big challenge to help communities and citizens be more aware and prepared for climate change, go to challenges.

This community is still a prototype, and we need your help to improve and grow it. We welcome you and your feedback.

Click here to visit the new Climate.Data.gov website

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