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OSI2017 Summary: 9 Themes

The scholarly publishing decision tree is different for each of the two million plus papers published every year. It would be difficult to invent a more Rube Goldberg-esque system of ramps and levers where researcher needs are connected to different incentives, publishing options, journal options and copyright choices, guided by different funder mandates, institutional guidelines, government policies, discipline norms and personal preferences, all driven by technological advances, changing social norms and probably at least 10 other variables.

How did we end up with this system anyway? Slowly and over many years, competing and overlapping interests have collided and morphed around no clear center. What we have now in scholarly publishing is just a natural outgrowth of all these forces. But no one thinks the current state of scholarly publishing is where it needs to be in order to effectively manage the future of research. So how do we get to this better future from where we are now?

Click here to read more from this May 10, 2017 article in Elsevier Connect.


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