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LabKey Software joins nSCI as development partner

SEATTLE  –  The National Science Communication Institute (nSCI) announced today that Seattle-based LabKey Software has joined the Institute as a development partner. LabKey is a world leader in developing software tools to help life sciences researchers manage their data. LabKey’s data management platform is unique in that it not only stores a wide range of data types, but it also helps find data and relate it to other data.

“LabKey is unique in many ways,” said Glenn Hampson, the interim executive director of nSCI.  “It’s by far the best tool for actually utilizing scientific data as opposed to just storing it, plus the software is scalable, secure, open-source—LabKey has it all. We’re extremely happy to have this team running our cloud-based tools.”

There are currently a number of cloud-based repositories in the science world, but most are just big hard drives storing information. While this is an important first step, LabKey and nSCI go beyond this by giving researchers the ability to compare and analyze data. “That’s new,” said Hampson, “and it’s a big step forward.”

Storage and processing time on nSCI’s cloud-based services will be free for now. Until mid-2012, nSCI’s tools will focus on processing life sciences datasets. The ability to process data in other natural sciences and social sciences will be added later next year.

LabKey was founded in 2004, and is run by a who’s-who of technology experts from Microsoft, IBM, Amazon.com and other leading technology companies. LabKey developers hold 24 software patents and have led the development of a wide variety of information management applications, from EndNote to Visual Basic, SQL Server, and QJet (the query processor for Microsoft Access). LabKey Server is used by labs and institutions around the world, and plays a central role in the work of several major global research networks.

Britt Piehler, LabKey’s president, said he is excited by the road ahead. “We know what’s possible when the right tools are used for data management.  We work with the scientists every day to get a better grasp of their needs and challenges and are constantly improving our tools to help organize, analyze, and share their data. When the rubber hits the road—when it comes time to actually do something with the data they generate—we find time and again that there’s no better tool for the job than LabKey Server. We’re excited to be a part of nSCI’s broad effort to improve collaboration and discovery through cloud-based tools.”

The new LabKey/nSCI cloud service will be available starting July 1st to nSCI members at nationalscience.org/cloud.  For more information on LabKey Software, please visit labkey.com. For more information about the open-source LabKey Server platform, please visit labkey.org.  The National Science Communication Institute is a nationwide nonprofit whose mission is to help advance science by improving science communication. To read more about nSCI, visit nationalscience.org.

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