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Social Media for Pharma Conference


Attend Social Media for Pharma to get to grips with winning strategies for incorporating  social media into your communications and marketing mix, and leverage the latest interactive Web 2.0 tools and techniques to advance your organizational goals, by:

  • Navigating the roadmap to a successful social media strategy
  • Winning buy-in from patient, physicians and payors
  • Delivering more targeted, appropriate content to the ‘social’ patient and physician
  • Adopting a more holistic approach to social media in your company by aligning strategic goals
  • Pinpointing key e-marketing drivers to prioritize delivery channels and gain the competitive edge
  • Integrating digital and social media into your overall marketing plan to maximize brand impact
  • Understanding how physicians and patients are using the latest mobile devices to engage with them more effectively
  • Tapping into patient communities to learn more about needs and concerns
  • Bridging the widening gap between the “Social Patient /”Social Physician” and “Non-Social Pharma” Monitoring and engaging with social conversations to maximize impact
  • Monitoring and engaging with social conversations to maximize impact
  • Analyzing data to maximize customer insight and drive digital marketing initiatives
  • Harnessing first hand legal knowledge and practical experience to avoid the risk of non-compliance


Click here for additional details and registration information.

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