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See you at the annual Open Science Summit!

It’s still happening.  Science – the search for answers to a universe of questions – is still changing.  Beneath our feet, above our heads, in the air we breathe, there are questions left unanswered about how we as scientists – as investigators and explorers – should continue on our quest for answers about our world and everything in it (especially ourselves).  As scientists of the 21st century, we have tremendous new power – power that the giants upon whose shoulders we stand would have only dreamt of as they sailed the oceans for months on end, waiting to find their next research subject, or above hand-build optical microscopes, often working alone, or at least disconnected from the legion of researchers that we now take for granted as our peers, colleagues and collaborators.  We, with our new power, face new challenges, not only in that the subjects of our respective explorations have become more complex, but also in that we must now question the processes of those explorations.  Do we toe the line of a century-old model for scientific communication and review?  Do we continue to feed a scientific industrial complex with patents and paywalls?  Do we renew our licences and continue to lend our credibility to the authorities we submit to?  Or do we set new trends with an objective vision of a more optimal way forward in our quest?

These are important questions.  They deserve to be asked and debated about.  They are at the very foundation of what we do and why we do it, not merely as academics or accredited scientists, but as insatiably curious and boundlessly creative human beings.  These are the discussions at center stage of the Open Science Summit.

October 19-20 will bring the third annual Open Science Summit to the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.  For the third year, great minds from science and medicine, education, communication, finance, engineering of both hardware and software and entrepreneurship will meet to discuss the opportunities we share in finding new and better ways of seeking truth and understanding.  Science is now in an era that is simultaneously empowering individuals to do more independently, as well as networking those individuals, allowing them – us – to work together. The Open Science Summit will explore the horizon of opportunity for new and better ways of discovery, innovation and understanding. Let’s talk; let’s listen; let’s learn from one another by sharing ideas, data and discoveries.

Registration for the Summit is now open, and please keep in touch with the Open Science Summit via our facebook page and our twitter feed (@OpenScienceSum).

We can’t wait to see you there. Buy tickets here and be sure to use the code “microryza” for 30% off!

Reprinted from the Microryza blog at http://blog.microryza.com/

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